The First Rule Of Drabble.Club

Rule 1: 100 words

A drabble is a very short story of precisely 100 words.

That’s it.

About Bruce

I am older than I used to be and live in France with my wife, dogs, cats and numerous nagging doubts.

I needle-felt characters from wool (check them out at Felt.Buzz), mess about with the ukulele (I have five) and write microfiction stories.

I have a collection of 50-word stories that I always publish first on my Hive blog and then they appear on my Humpbuckle Tales site.

On this blog I am currently publishing 100 word stories you will also find them on my Drabble.Club Hive blog

You can find me on facebook (personal page, Drabble.Club and Humpbuckle Tales page). Instagram Drabble.Club and Humpbuckle Tales

You can say hello to my Humpbuckle Tales Mastodon account (I usually post both the 50 word and 100 word tales there)

Join in the fun

If you would like to send me a prompt (a word, a phrase, a picture – or all 3) they contact me at the Drabble.Club HQ if you include your name I’ll credit you with the prompt.

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